Discussion on the mode of online distribution platform for tourism network (three)

the "Discussion on the distribution channel mode of tourism online travel network platform (two)", mainly analyzes the letter travel net online travel distribution platform under the mode of an important group of shop owners (composition, shop owners group letter travel network to provide services to the main shop, what letter travel network shop owners how to profit) to investigate, letter travel network travel online channel is an important group of dedicated supplier platform mode to this article.

line providers in the letter under the network platform as a tourist route provider. The article said that the registered suppliers need to provide certain qualifications, the audit is relatively strict, involving business license, license, so can not be registered. However, we can from the following points, the network platform for the letter tour providers to explore.

1 Tour Network to provide services for the line supplier

dedicated suppliers to join reason letter travel network is very simple, because the development of travel network planning according to the letter, will be a leading online travel the most dynamic distribution platform, but also the first in the operation mode of the leading travel portal ", so the major suppliers think, if their Tourist Bus Line into the letter travel network platform, there will be a lot of shop owners offered its sales Tourist Bus Line. The premise is that the tour network platform has enough brand awareness (this article refers to the article travel network travel online distribution platform model). Therefore, the early start of the enterprise, in the case of a small number of well-known, the letter to the network to provide specific services to the supplier is worthy of our discussion.

observation site, found that the network service provider for the tour network has the following 3 points:

1) 4006-076-576 call center service. For 7*24 hours call center service, for customers to answer in the background operation, daily use problems encountered;

2) interactive services. "Ah Q instant communication tools". This is similar to the Ali Wangwang taobao.com.

3) online trading services. Be able to query and track all orders at any time.

more than 3 points only I found in the website, if the service does not have their own characteristics, too homogeneous, will lose the advantages of their own platform. Furthermore, it is relatively easy for competitors to imitate. But an excellent platform, which can provide services will certainly be more, reflect their own advantages in terms of service, technology, such as payment, I believe that the network will have to consider.

2 letter Tour Network and dedicated suppliers how to benefit into

is involved in this, is the most difficult to discuss, because there is no data can be queried. In the discussion of the "distribution platform model letter Travel Network Travel Online (two)" to investigate as shop owners and suppliers are divided into benefits is not clear. But we can give full play to our imagination. According to the current Internet platform charging mode, the first rule >

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