Gold 270 million yuan overweight electricity supplier O2O own home platform

from the pool to self, in the exploration of the road of the development of electronic commerce, gold (19.70, -0.20, -1.01%) seems to want to do some more pure. August 19th morning, jintanglang announcement that intends to hold the company transferred and acting under the name of the Mantis (Suzhou) a total of 51% stake in Agel Ecommerce Ltd, invested 270 million yuan to set up Suzhou Gold Mantis electricity supplier Co. Ltd., the creation of independent brand "Gold Mantis home decoration".

founded the independent home improvement brand

upgrade O2O platform when Ali Ma [micro-blog] and Suning Zhang Jindong decided on the appearance of a new era of O2O is coming to us. For the architectural decoration industry, the time has come to do the brand.

in April last year, Gold Mantis first shock electricity supplier, and home improvement E station (Tianjin love bee tide) joint venture Mantis Mantis e-commerce company, and core management shares respectively 41% and 10%, together hold 51% stake. According to the announcement statement, because of large differences exist in the home improvement business business model, business model between shareholders, Gold Mantis electricity supplier intends to sell 41% stake in the company, Ni Lin, Yang Zhen, Yan Lin will also sell a 10% stake in the company business. After the completion of the transaction, the company will no longer hold a stake in the electricity supplier company.

at the same time, the company intends to own funds invested 270 million yuan to set up "Gold Mantis (Suzhou) Electric Co. Ltd. (tentative name, specific to the business registration approval shall prevail), create a new O2O platform –" mantis home". For this investment decision, the company is defined as the lessons learned from the early development of the electricity supplier business experience, from the long-term interests of the company made careful decisions.

TV drama "latent" there is a classic line – there are many kinds of fighting tactics, there is a victory called retreat, there is a failure called occupation. It seems people in the market, the current conditions of E station exit Jiezhuang brand, the development of the mantis may indeed get better in the exploration of electronic commerce on.

combined resources service strive to "down to earth"

close to the gold industry source told reporters, "from the public market to decoration, client attributes the change request must be" let customers have the best service experience "on the first place, from all around the customer as the center, to provide customers with reasonable stability is expected to reach the target."

Gold Mantis said, "mantis" is to use jintanglang accumulated over the years in the field of public equipment in experience and advantages, and the globalization of design resources, resources construction, build a strong executive ability, ability of landing ground troops to solve the Jiezhuang users pain points, to meet customer needs.

and O2O in the development of ideas on the focus of the home improvement business, the needs of the company who offer advice on the "home"; Online to Offline, focus on the "line"; the Internet home, home for the first.

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