The three or four line of the city O2O how to fix the headquarters station have a brilliant future

O2O has become a cloud computing, big data after another hot to the keywords. The corresponding is that many companies listed or get a new round of financing, eager for a fight the country embarked on the opening station journey. The recent business O2O company intends to open up the station a lot, where to go, regulating the family network, e-drive…… There are various large group purchase websites are wildly beating gongs and drums to expand.

is a second tier city has years of fighting in the Red Sea, and the three or four line of the city is a vast world, there is much to offer. But how to fix their headquarters, station you know? Chestnut learned through their own little experience and a large number of lessons in the line of work, to give you a reminder.


, a positioning headquarters and sub stationFrom the famous

. The relationship between headquarters first to locate the headquarters and sub station.

a headquarters location is the guidance, strategy, implementation of the relevant work content, the headquarters must be guidance or even command. A headquarters location should be services, such as the internal use of CRM background, administrative, personnel and other functions. There is a need for equal communication, combined with the views of both sides, such as the localization of the content of the operation, the promotion of local characteristics of the market.

blindly service and blindly guidance is wrong. To do different classification for different business. Chestnut to give a few examples to say.


site is a station responsible person to headquarters with a product operation involving a communication terminal cost a few hundred dollars of the activity, a headquarters entry in less than a year, the little girl said, you do all the work station is so poor, mean or money? This is typical of the headquarters location is too high results. The headquarters of all that is the headquarters guidance station, which leads to such extreme events. The person in charge of the work of the station in question should be area director, VP, rather than a general staff headquarters.

is an extreme, a group purchase website during the great leap forward, a central capital city each month spend 300 thousand of the budget market, market positioning headquarters is the service, not too much intervention decision-making authority, as long as the station submitted budgets, the basic need for approval. Finally, I do not know how to spend the cost of the market, the market began to consider the acquisition of a more active local BBS site. This crazy practice, think about it will not have good results, the facts have proved this point.

The ideal

headquarters and sub station relationship is to establish good communication channels, combining the strengths of both parties to do the local promotion. From the headquarters can grasp the overall situation, but also can local station. This need to be in the running of the actual work in order to gradually find this.

two, a novice or veteran


selection has always been a big problem. Especially in the headquarters to get the financing needed at the time node quickly put how many races open up when such tense.


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