Talk about how to develop rural e-commerce

The specific expression of

in 2009 the central document "on rural informatization", this year to improve the rural information service system, using a variety of ways to explore the model of information service in the villages and households, the integration of resources to build platform. This information, for the construction and application of rural information in this year pointed out the direction.

with the continuous development of the Internet, e-commerce is also more and more attention, especially by the current economic crisis, e-commerce is particularly important, has become the direction of the majority of enterprises to seek development. And this big market in rural areas, whether it can become a potential market for e-commerce? At present, the rural and urban in the end who is more in need of e-commerce?

at present, by the influence of the idea of financial constraints, compared with other agricultural e-commerce e-commerce industry, the number of late start site less, and many only in some agricultural and sideline products released in the stage of information online, turnover is low, directly influences the enthusiasm of rural construction of electronic commerce website.

so there can be such a passive situation, mainly for the following reasons:

first, the rural hardware facilities are not perfect, coupled with cultural and educational level is not high, conservative thinking, not actively accept new things.

secondly, the degree of rural enterprise information is poor. According to statistics, there are about 70% enterprises with a certain degree of information or to efforts to achieve enterprise informatization direction; 20% enterprises only a small number of computers, and in addition to the financial and other applications for simple little typing outside.

third, payment credit. Although the online payment is a basic condition for the development of electronic commerce, but China’s credit system is not perfect, even if farmers are keen on cash transactions, it is difficult to realize the wish, and then lost the confidence of the network, but also affects the development of agricultural e-commerce in china.

fourth, agricultural products logistics and distribution is not perfect. In many rural areas, agricultural products are difficult to transport problems, such as seed, pesticide extruded fresh agricultural products and poisonous, perishable and so on, scattered distribution coupled with rural areas, has a direct impact on the development of rural e-commerce.

face so many constraints, if the development of rural e-commerce will be:

1 to strengthen infrastructure construction. E-commerce is a network activity, only to develop infrastructure, improve the network environment of rural users, in order to lay a good foundation for agricultural e-commerce.

2 to strengthen cultural education and guidance. To carry out extensive lectures on e-commerce in rural areas, agricultural products and e-commerce organically, and actively introduce the successful case of e-commerce in rural areas, so that farmers deeply appreciate the important role of the network in their production and life in the.

3 optimize logistics distribution. On the one hand, we should try to avoid the transportation of agricultural products, on the other hand, to discuss with the relevant departments, planning transportation routes, shortening >

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