The domain name was registered by competitors successfully recapture

      recently, Chinese international economic and Trade Arbitration Commission Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center for "Lind gas.Cn" domain name dispute ruling that registered "Lind gas.Cn" domain name is malicious, the disputed domain name "Lind gas.Cn" should be returned to the Lind gas (Xiamen) Co. ltd..

      recently, Linde gas company found that "Linde gas.Cn" registered by others, and the domain name directly to a gas company in Shenzhen city. It is understood that the Shenzhen city industrial gases Co. Ltd. engaged in industrial gas production and sales, and there is competition between Linde gas Xiamen Company.

      after investigation, Linde gas company found someone in June 9th last year in the domain name registration services to apply for registration of the 4 domain names including "Linde gas,.Cn". Lind gas company for the disputed domain name to the national domain name dispute resolution center, requesting the transfer of "Lind gas.Cn" domain name.

      domain name dispute center expert group review, "Linde gas.Cn" and the complainant has registered prior to the "Linde" as the main symbol of the same name, enough to cause the general public confusion and cognitive errors. Registered mark does not enjoy the legitimate rights and interests of "Linde gas". Moreover, the disputed domain name refers to another gas company website that cybersquatters is intended to confuse consumers, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding the substitution, in order to achieve the improper benefit. So the 4 domain name squatting "Linde" as the main body of the registration and use is malicious.

      the final panel of experts ruled that the complainant’s "Linde gas.Cn" domain name complaint was established, "Linde gas.Cn" should be returned to the complainant Linde gas company.

      yesterday, Lu Sheng lawyer told reporters that the current "Linde gas.Cn" has returned to Linde gas (Xiamen) ltd..

      Xiamen Tianyi law firm Chen Bin lawyers said yesterday, in addition to the domain name for use, and now the domain name investment has become a new hot spot, how to distinguish between investment and speculation? This is to be judged from the obtained after the domain name, now there is such a class of people, they are registered in the name of well-known companies or signs for the domain name, then contact the company or its competitors to discuss the domain name for sale, rental and other matters relating to the transfer of the registration, due to the specific behavior of others, to to gain an unfair advantage, malicious speculation, in the domain of investment should be avoided. In addition to the domain name registration, as long as there is no subjective malice, for example, the choice of natural science, popular vocabulary, professional name, etc. are legitimate investment behavior.

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