The president of Alipay said Alipay ready to be sent to the state

In view of Alipay

plays a more and more important role in the construction of credit system in Chinese, Alipay President Shao Xiaofeng said recently, the Alibaba Group executives in internal discussions have basically reached a consensus, if the government needs, Alipay is ready to be sent to the state, but the bank is based on their own interests, not to Alipay bank.

with the rapid development of Internet and e-commerce, the third party payment industry is not only a simple enterprise, but also related to the security of the national financial system. The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma once said, Alipay to do a lot of pressure, but do not do it. If one day the state will Alipay nationalization, the solution can be considered Ma Yun’s "enclosure", but this kind of want is willing to put Alipay to the national mind is indeed admirable.

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