Heng micro shop settled to test the water micro distribution providers play adorable


] August 21st news billion state power network, announced the day before the union, has reached a strategic cooperation with the domestic life of paper and maternal and child health products manufacturer Heng Group, Heng’s multiple health brand will officially settled in micro shop suppliers become adorable.

Heng officially settled in MSI

It is reported that the upcoming

, Heng adorable shop online sales for product segment, and to facilitate the line to distinguish between late may also be adjusted according to the actual demand.

at the same time, adorable shop will offer technology and platform support for HengAn’s brand into the micro market, the main power distribution adorable to expand its product awareness, to expand the mobile terminal sales market.

Heng said that this year the company will be the field of micro business as one of the important strategy of the enterprise, will set up a wireless operations team for mobile terminal operation.

the cooperation by the authorized dealer of Xiamen Heng than leading Agel Ecommerce Ltd and micro adorable shop together reach, including cooperation Hearttex wipes, seven dimensional sanitary napkins, sanitary napkins, Anerle Anerle diaper, adult diaper, Kang an operation and promotion of five brands in the adorable shop.

It is reported that

, Heng brand three years ago has been settled a number of electronic business platform, including Tmall, Jingdong B2C mall and Suning, self flying cow net B2B platform, but the high cost of traditional electricity supplier logistics distribution is a problem placed in front of the Heng, stationed in MSI, effectively solve the Heng brand micro marketing needs.

billion state power network to understand, since August, the white lover, Pathfinder, Red Valley, leather textiles and many other traditional brands msi. The micro adorable shop shop number nearly 10 million, monthly turnover of more than 100 million yuan, more than 1 merchants settled at B million, is expected in 2015 turnover of more than 2 billion platform.

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