Luxury electricity supplier to catch up with the tide of cross-border electricity supplier crazy gro

has many years of foreign executives work experience is still the founder of the product network and CEO Zhao Shicheng is one of the few electricity supplier industry keen to write articles, talk about the industry, one of the entrepreneurs.

in 2013, including excellent public network, call more than and 20 first generation of luxury electric network, Fifth Avenue, Kazakhstan, Luxuries treasures network, network, network to share from the market blowout into brutal knockout, Zhao Shicheng wrote an article called "light luxury market" quiet "business" at that time, for 3 years the electricity supplier Zhao Shicheng repeatedly stressed that the sentence is: electricity market boom surface is difficult to continue to be quiet to live.

two years after the end of 2015, sitting opposite the "First Financial Daily" reporter Zhao Shicheng is more like a fashion, wearing their own website selling Topman jacket and Prada shoes, the brand style, familiar price. Not only that, Zhao Shicheng himself also acted as spokesmen for the image of the company took a brand promo.

coincidentally, together with Zhao Shicheng in the luxury electricity supplier in the field of "torment" temple library founder Li Rixue for several years the recent performance was also quite high.

is not to say that they want to be low-key low-key, nor is it to say that you want a high-profile high-profile. If you do not have access to this node, high-profile companies, individuals, I think it is a kind of injury." Li Rixue day before the slogan is 2016, the temple library will be very high.

and behind this, all around the cross-border electricity supplier to do the article of large and small families in a frenzy.

in this luxury, high-end cosmetic products and baby products mainly cross-border tide, B2C market in addition to Luxuries Temple library network, the first generation of luxury electric providers and Jingdong, SF and other enterprises; platform based electricity supplier, Tmall international and Ocean Terminal although the body is not the same, but the essence is to merchants settled platform the payment platform to solve, and information communication. In addition to the sale of the main, koala sea Amoy, the market also emerged including various types of C2C App, including the little red book shopping spree, what is worth buying, social shopping guide application.

so, for the first time to escape the elimination of the first generation of 2012~2013 luxury electricity supplier is the problem, how to take advantage of cross-border electricity supplier momentum and go further in this wave of boom?

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