Mergers and acquisitions of small and medium to survive the market bubble has now

recently, the data company CNZZ released report shows that in the first quarter of 2011, the group buying site continued the momentum of the previous year, the growth rate of the number of industry sites even more than last year. Then, in the second quarter of the group data show that the growth rate slowed, while the number of buy site closed up. According to statistics, in May to buy a total of 18 million 60 thousand passengers, compared with the figure of the number of passengers in April compared to nearly 20% in the number of open group, in May for the period of 21037, compared with a decrease of nearly 1% in April. In the case of little change in average discount, the decrease in the number of consumers will inevitably lead to a decline in sales. An important reason for this month’s sales growth is an increase in the number of people to buy and buy activities have varying degrees of reduction.

group purchase trend experienced beautiful dreams of the immeasurably vast difference in 2 years time, in the market expanding gradually into the bubble crisis. Over the influx of large groups in addition to bring the market heat, the uneven level of quality also led to a buy integrity crisis, to now, the market has been showing signs of exhaustion. The group purchase sites have with the water scale, and the main war fought in the 2, 3 line city.

The fate of the

small group buy site, as previously mentioned, when the development of the market alone is hindered, facing only 2 kinds of fate, closed or acquired. When the handle network in the initial national enclosure, had triggered the situation to buy large-scale mergers and acquisitions, of course, the original buy wind is flourishing. This is the result of more personal webmaster to join the ranks of the group to build the site. Today, the QQ group in the group buying industry, everywhere you can see the feelings of the future for the group, but also can not meet the embarrassing situation of consumers expressed frustration.

people seeking acquisitions, there are people in the breakthrough, the first half of the domestic market investment group purchase website is no longer a few, including students founded the group purchase website "brand women group purchase website" 5151 group". More interesting is that the group also led the development of the navigation website buy. In May 4th, the group buys navigation website thousand net founder Liu Yang to confirm, get angel investor Xu Xiaoping ten million yuan angel investment;

in May 6th, buy navigation website to get excellent network DailyD founder Matt Coffin (MattCoffin) 15 million yuan investment.

at the same time, the domestic group purchase market shuffle stage, we can also see that the foreign market is also in strengthening the group purchase group purchase net capital chain: the United States Information Group purchase aggregator Yipit days before the completion of a new round of financing, funds raised $6 million; South Korea’s largest online trading company Ticket Monster (also referred to as TMon) will be the acquisition of Malaysia Integrated Methods.

recently, the first group of domestic financing success of the handle network is burst >