Taobao double 12 activities behind the problem of small and beautiful

double after 11, the electricity supplier who did not stop the promotional work, on the contrary, they are facing the worst double 12.

major electricity supplier double 12 logo

first, we look at the domestic electricity supplier Jingdong, it is a member of Guan Airi as a slogan, it is said that members will enjoy a certain level of beauty courier delivery service.


, however, did not stop the pace of 360, the author saw from the home page of the 360 security website:


Taobao dual 12:

is a very dynamic personality logo, click to enter my double 12 Taobao.


Taobao double 12 behind the problem

is the subject of this article is to talk about the problem of double 12 Taobao, Taobao to the seller with dual 12 activities is not high, they put small and beautiful, like the last two are 11, the seller can have the opportunity to participate in the activities and the double 11, double 12, market sellers can also enroll in dual 12 activities, specific rules see Taobao double 12 seller rules: spm=


but with the double 12 coming, the reporter saw in the pig pen – the largest domestic Witkey network, many sellers in Taobao, brush ranking. There is a picture of the truth



I can see from the sellers, in order to double in 12 has a large sales volume in the recount, but I would like to ask, double 12 day, Taobao baby ranking is concerned with these factors? If the ranking rules from the usual Taobao baby, these factors are included, of course, the double 12 day Taobao, ranking rules, or some of these factors. Although we have seen what brush reputation, as I often see in micro-blog, a network of part-time, Taobao is indeed growing, gave birth to the development of some black chain, like brush the credibility of the company.

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