Companies have electricity supplier in the rural electricity supplier countryside whitewashing to po

new year has passed, all at work, as well as head of mr.. That monkey make you memorable events may be Jiangxi male country and Shanghai rich girl’s story. Look at the pictures, the pictures, the dim light, a table is the same as the dinner on New Year’s Eve, although rural born head sir, this table is nostalgia, affection. But in reality, there is a gap between the city and. This reflects that there are still many areas in our country is not rich. According to statistics, at the present stage, there are 70 million farmers who are not rich. Reform and opening up is to allow some people to get rich first, and then achieve common prosperity. But at this stage the situation is only the first stage, it was first rich, but did not achieve common prosperity. Then the tide of the Internet, the city’s electricity supplier has let the city people do to It is quite common for, many people build up the family fortunes. In the face of the current situation in rural areas, the electricity supplier also went to the countryside. So, walk along the country road, see the wall brush as fellow shopping to Dangdang, build up the family fortunes by working, thrifty by Jingdong "and" to the baby of the house, the road to riches for Baidu "slogan.


electricity supplier to the countryside how to help

face large and small electricity supplier companies have entered the rural market, to help rural development, poverty alleviation. So in the end how to help the poor, thinking behind what?

electricity supplier into the countryside is the result of two-way interaction. First, the electricity supplier has been part of the city life, and because of the convenience of the service system has been deeply integrated into the daily lives of people in the city. In rural areas because of the relative closure of the information, or that the traffic is not as convenient as the city, resulting in a lot of rural electricity supplier is still relatively vague. Take a simple example, the online goods are not touched, so the trust in the countryside will be greatly reduced. Then the electricity supplier to the countryside can accelerate the construction of electricity providers in rural areas, especially in the service has changed, so that is slowly in the rural consumer habits, just like the electricity supplier has just appeared in the city.

at the same time, the specialty of the countryside can also enter the city through the electricity supplier channels, placed on the table of the city people. Rural electricity supplier because of the previous model and consumption is not too understand. So a lot of native products in rural areas is indeed very good, but not a very good sales. For example, sometimes a lot of news reports of the rural specialty because too many rotten in the ground, it is really a pity. So when the electricity supplier set off when a consumer revolution in rural areas, rural providers are also relatively mature, farmers will put the rural commodity distribution of the city by the electricity supplier channels, and build up the family fortunes.


companies have electricity supplier in the countryside whitewashing

electricity supplier to help the poor in the sense of reality is indeed very meaningful, but from the current point of view, there are still some problems need to pay attention to.