230 thousand people fight, Ali clean up nearly 200 cottage brand

recently, hundreds of copycat brand by Alibaba group mercilessly killed


in September 22nd, from the Alibaba quality control department, a set of "big data + public review" as the core of the new "combined" has run through the whole process, nearly 200 suspected of copycat brand is recognized and treated by. According to Ali, the quality control department responsible person, the future of this set of scientific and efficient mode as a general mechanism, covering each category, the brand Tmall platform.

cottage products, those who are in the trademark, design and other aspects of the brand with high visibility is very close to the commodity name, once the business involved, it is easy to encounter extremely complex legal issues. It is likely to involve trademark infringement, infringement of design, but also may constitute unfair competition. Because of the lack of clear and objective standard, the legal practice is difficult to solve. Alibaba launched the new initiatives in particular concern.

does not allow consumers to "waste", Ali moves "big data + public review" initial results

"for us, whether it is a trademark or copycat copycat goods are" need to fight, Ali QC responsible person said, "we found that by sampling the daily work, most are copycat products with quality problems in different degree, and the refund rate is much higher than the average level. We hope that through this new attempt, so that governance cottage becomes more transparent, more flexible."

according to the introduction, this process has completed a test run: big data docking and scanning daily on the Tmall brand library, the trademark (merchandise) on text, image etc, select some confusion of trademark (goods), these data will be screened out "copycat. Early warning model", this model will be based on big data output results of continuous optimization, in turn verify the accuracy of data.

at the same time, nearly 200 suspected copycat brand also experienced the first in the 230 thousand public judges this was the piercing eye "screening. After the screening of large data, these suspected of being copied trademarks (commodities) will be submitted to the Taobao public judges to participate in judgment, each need to push at least 800 ~ 1000 public judges to participate in judgment.

the task of these public reviewers is to look at the appearance and shape of the trade mark to make a "yes" or "no" choice for the question of whether there will be confusion. If more than a certain percentage of the judges that the trademark (goods) to the confusion, Tmall will start a series of governance mechanisms, such as the trademark belongs to the flagship store, not to renew the related merchandise delete processing, will also consider the future by restricting loans, limiting activities and other means to do deal with different degrees of copycat commodity.

big data + public review mode diagram

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