Liu Qiangdong Jingdong mall has no real competitors


chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong mall and CEO Liu Qiangdong seems, e-commerce seems complex, the core is actually very simple – is to serve the customer comfortable. Competition has just begun, 5 years later to see who is the real winner, but the current vision of the place, Jingdong has no real competitors.

"Chinese entrepreneur": what do you think of the traditional enterprise e-commerce, e-commerce enterprises how do

line shop?

Liu Qiangdong: the traditional enterprise e-commerce is inevitable, they do e-commerce to maintain the entire sales group, especially the old users will play a good role, I think they will get a good development space and opportunities. But the market is very large, is not to say that A company to do, there is no B company, Gome, Suning to do e-commerce, does not mean that the impact of Jingdong, the total retail sales of the whole society is very large, who can not trust.

I think all the brands (such as Lining, LG), the future will have their own electronic commerce department, but any company could not only rely on their own electronic commerce department, more or rely on channel partners. Jingdong is precisely this channel, for us, this is a very big opportunity.

line shop, Jingdong will never do. The development of the Internet is very good, the cost is low, why do we have to do under the line with my online compared to no advantage. Diamond bird, Vancl want to do line shop, because of their own brand, only to buy their own brand, we have to do is sell many brands of retail platform. Different modes, the development path is different.

"Chinese entrepreneurs": Jingdong is now the most headache place?

Liu Qiangdong: the relevant national laws and regulations are not perfect. Chinese electronic commerce currently has hundreds of billions of market size, but the lack of corresponding laws and regulations guiding, leading to market fake smuggled goods, dragons and fishes jumbled together, greatly decreasing the cost of customer trust you. It is urgent to build a credit system, otherwise it will affect the future development of China’s e-commerce, which requires the government to lead the drive.

in addition to market regulation, the government should also be preferential tax, in the logistics construction, research and development to support the enterprise.

"Chinese entrepreneur": what is the problem that Jingdong should solve at present?

Liu Qiangdong: logistics processing capacity. Jingdong for six consecutive years in the rapid development of the rate of 300%, but the growth of logistics capacity can not meet the needs of order growth, thus forming a bottleneck in sales growth.

the next three years is a high incidence of logistics investment Jingdong. We are starting to build a logistics system, the next three years, we will invest $2 billion in it. Now the distribution of Jingdong’s customers are almost identical with the distribution of Chinese Internet users, even consumers in rural areas in Tibet to buy things on the Jingdong. No investment, no objects >