2013 Chinese women’s vertical fashion electricity supplier sales scale of 26 billion 100 million

industry development chapter:

after 8 years of development, the industry has entered a period of the outbreak; the industry reshuffle has continued, large website won the capital market confidence, the small and medium-sized site challenges; mogujie.com restructuring business platform, inject new impetus to the development of the industry; industry can look forward to the future of sustainable growth.

2006-2011 years of development:

2006 began the initial germination of the industry, around the industry in 2008 by foreign flash purchase, luxury online shopping and other concepts inspired by the gradual start, and rely on a large number of venture capital to promote and expand.

industry in the development of rapid expansion of the scale, but profitability is not optimistic.

2010-2014 outbreak:

During the outbreak of

, the size of the user, the new model of electricity providers continue to emerge, electricity providers continue to improve the basis for the development of factors such as promoting the vertical female fashion electricity supplier industry into the outbreak period. In the period of the outbreak, the development characteristics of the industry is not only the significant growth in transaction size, and vip.com, jumei.com and other leading enterprises listed operation, also accompanied by entering the new mode of mogujie.com web site and the pretty things Qiaoyu so badly run site exit, the industry reshuffle continues, the industry structure changes.

2015-2018 continued growth period:

in the growth period, the industry will have the following characteristics: the mobile terminal will become the main way of website sales; category expansion is also an important thinking of website development; in the model, the flash purchase mode is no longer a single show, a variety of modes of common development will better meet the diverse needs of users shopping in the business; the strategy, the shopping website will actively promote the quality strategy, increase the security of the shopping and shopping service to improve customer service, improve the user experience by winning advantage in the competition.

industry growth chapter:

2013 industry sales scale of more than 25 billion yuan, is expected in 2017, the industry is expected to scale sales of nearly one hundred billion, the industry growth rate is significantly higher than the overall growth of the online shopping industry. The size of the industry users, PC side steady rise, the rapid growth of mobile terminal.

2013, China’s vertical female fashion electricity supplier industry sales scale of 26 billion 120 million yuan, is expected in 2014 will grow by more than 60%, the market size of up to $42 billion 30 million, by the size of the industry in 2017 nearly billion. IResearch believes that vertical women’s fashion electricity supplier website relies on high-quality user experience and high-quality products, the industry will continue to grow faster than the overall growth rate of online shopping industry.

2013, China’s vertical female fashion electricity supplier industry PC end of the month to maintain steady growth in the number of people, from the beginning of the 86 million 227 thousand, an increase of up to 95 million 676 thousand people in December.

2013, China’s vertical female fashion electricity supplier industry APP monthly number of coverage to achieve rapid growth, from the beginning of the 1097>