Liu Qiang micro-blog from Dongguan N takeover rumors

December 26th, after Christmas, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong ahead of joining the Jingdong to pay New Year’s call colleagues at micro-blog. It said on micro-blog, "the end of the year strategic meeting came to an end! The biggest challenge next year or from the team challenge!" why the team is the biggest bank? Because of joining the Jingdong’s "new colleagues" reached number 25000! It is reported that the Jingdong store currently has approximately 13 thousand employees, the number of which has self built logistics, including Jingdong the staff. The number of staff recruitment within a short period of time to two times his body is really fantastic. Therefore, the industry believes that the new employee "join" Jingdong may not follow the traditional sense of the HR interview, integrated multi news analysis before, or for VANCL in the bag".

this message once spread in the network, immediately aroused strong denial of Liu Qiangdong. He announced the annual meeting of the Jingdong has been misread deeply unhappy, that "more and more pressure to speak, some ridiculous comments to let him feel the pain. Did not think of a few words, the customer involved, too easy to stir up trouble, decided to shut down micro-blog


micro-blog number from 26 to 27 in the early morning of the 4, until the current number of only shows the number of 1, which confirms that it is no longer published remarks related to the speech of the year, the number of sina. However, the introduction of its micro-blog, the goal: through the desert all over the world." Hehe is still in the column.

whether Jingdong takeover rumors are true, but the people public power, but Liu Qiangdong profound experience once, even there is a network media named it the golden watering can "CEO winner, said the exaggerated. The well-known e-commerce expert China Nobel pointed out that in February 2010, Liu Qiangdong has announced a high-profile claims that the Jingdong store within 5 years will not be involved in the online book market, the reason is that the domestic book market due to piracy in the industry profit is very low, operating profit is not enough to offset the cost of business, in November of the same year, the Jingdong officially launched book channel. And have therefore and in 3C and the field of books opened a protracted price war, with regard to Liu Qiangdong is "mouth" too.

accessories: net transfer of N possible


looks in early October this year the Jingdong released by micro-blog show. October 10, 2011, Jingdong mall announced by the official micro-blog, with immediate effect by the end of 2012, plans to recruit 20 thousand employees. Among them are 5000 college students, 1000 software engineers, and 1000 industry professionals with experience in the field. When the electricity supplier industry concerns, the Jingdong’s ability to do jumping expansion in a short period of time can create so many important positions? Generally think that this exaggeration too, or just for show. To today’s Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong of micro-blog, recently in the contact between the Jingdong and a move, people can not help but fall into a reverie, and where the Jingdong together or not Arabian Nights. Below >