U.S. group turnover will break $65 billion mobile terminal accounted for over 80%

recently eMarketer report shows that the U.S. mobile payments doubled from 2012 to last year, reaching $1 billion 590 million, the agency predicts that this year the U.S. mobile payment transactions will double, reaching $3 billion 500 million. According to the U.S. mission network revealed that this year’s turnover will exceed $6 billion 500 million, the proportion of mobile terminal transactions accounted for over 80% more than $5 billion, the amount of domestic wireless online shopping transactions, especially the rapid development of mobile terminal local service sites.


data show that in the two quarter of this year, Ali mobile platform trading volume accounted for 32.8%, the Jingdong "6· 18" wireless orders accounted for about 25%, vip.com mobile sales accounted for 46%, in addition, dangdang.com traffic from the mobile terminal also accounted for more than the PC side reached 60%, while orders the proportion of over 40%.

industry analysts pointed out that, compared to the traditional electricity supplier, the combination of local life service providers and wireless more fit points. Local life service (O2O) as a combination of online and offline business model, which has a natural combination with App applications. Mobile phone to carry, and the nearest person, with the longest time, App on the phone will be the distance between people and life services to eliminate the invisible, the source said.

today, mobile meituan has billions of dollars of active users, currently focus on force Hotel, the vertical field of film. According to reports, the "Transformers 4" in Chinese swept 2 billion yuan at the box office, cat movie contributed more than 30% of the box office. Recently, the opal film become "network exclusive pre-sale platform" and put heart flower road CO produced only in the pre-sale period, the box office has exceeded 100 million yuan, up to now, the United States Mission opal films put heart flower road "for" contribution to the box office more than 400 million yuan.

at present, 3000 cinema cooperation the United States Mission opal films and the range of about 75%, in June this year monthly turnover exceeded 500 million yuan, the first half of the year exceeded 1 billion 700 million yuan, the year is expected to exceed 6 billion yuan, is currently selling 5 per movie tickets will have 1 tickets from the United States Mission opal films. In the hotel area, the United States Mission Network in the country more than 10 hotels. The last hotel online transactions amounted to 2 billion yuan, the first half of this year more than last year. Hotel mobile terminal transactions accounted for about 80% of the overall turnover.

in March 2010 officially launched the U.S. mission network, the local electricity supplier in the field of life in the domestic market share of nearly 60%, at present, has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other more than 400 city station, in addition to Tibet and Macao, has covered all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, more than 500 thousand business cooperation. With more than 8000 employees.