PWC cross-border electricity supplier Asian market more beautiful than Europe and the United States


] April 9th news billion state power network, PWC Consulting Director Liu Xinxin in China (Shenzhen) pointed out that e-commerce development forum, from the development of cross-border electricity supplier in the overall export potential in the next 10 years, is worth to expand. Throughout the global electricity supplier market, the most clear trend in Asia, Europe and the United States is relatively slow.

from the Ministry of Commerce statistics, last year the entire Chinese exports amounted to 14 trillion of the scale, the proportion of electricity supplier is about 27% (about 4 trillion), among them, B2B occupy 95%~96% share, B2C accounted for about 5%, about 15 billion.

Liu Xinxin pointed out that if the electricity supplier from 27% of the share of the development of the share of about 50%, which contains a lot of business opportunities. So, from this point of view, the next 10 years is worth cross-border electricity supplier companies to expand.

and the business should be concerned about where to do business, Liu Xinxin said, according to statistics, the global market is the most beautiful trend in asia. Although we have a lot of disputes, political issues, but in fact, between neighbors, due to cultural, logistics and other aspects of interoperability is stronger, the business is still the easiest to do. And this trend will continue with the Asian investment bank and ‘along the way’ national policy."

relatively speaking, the European and North American market growth trend is slightly slow. This means that we have not yet found the right way to do business here, perhaps our products or services in this market is also subject to some bias. And this is the cross-border electricity supplier industry needs to gradually solve the problem." Liu Xinxin said.

he said, according to the Ministry of Commerce predicted that cross-border electricity supplier exports in the next few years will maintain more than 30% cagr. In this environment, if the cross-border business enterprise can really introduce "Internet plus" way of thinking, be able to achieve rapid transformation.

talked about industrial upgrading, Liu Xinxin pointed out that the original establishment of a brand, expand a market, it may take 5 years of the cycle, but if you can make good use of the Internet can be shortened to two years. Moreover, the real use of the Internet business, can bring market information into real opinions and insights that can affect their products, services, supply chain, delivery system.