Gaopeng accused of selling fake Tissot hundreds of users to jointly safeguard


from the Internet to spend less than thousand dollars bought a Swiss Tissot, after receipt of the goods found there is a big gap with genuine. Yesterday, Mr. Lee told reporters reflect public, he bought the network group purchase from Gaopeng Tissot is fake, I want to buy this table combined with friends rights. In this regard, Gaopeng (micro-blog) Service denied that the watch is a fake, that is the business through special channels into the goods.

packaging rough warranty card no chapter

yesterday, Mr Li took him to the group purchase in Gaopeng Tissot said their discovery in October 19th, in a shop to sell about 3000 yuan of the classic sports watch Tissot PRC200, purchased in the online group purchase Gaopeng only 690 yuan can, in addition to a library of 6 pin map series Tissot quartz men also sold only 888 yuan. "At Gaopeng’s fame, I dare to spend money to buy the table." Mr. Li said, their payment after receipt of the goods, but found to be fake Tissot group purchase. At the same time, he found on the Internet, there are other people posting the same experience.

Lee to reporters took out a watch in the counter to buy, and buy the table to compare. Reporters saw, buy on the outer packaging of the printed pattern blurred, there are missing words on the instructions. "The work is very poor, a look that is not the real thing, and even on the warranty card vendors have no chapter." Mr Li said he had consulted the Tissot store salesman said that each Tissot watches warranty card must be authorized dealer’s name, if you do not have this chapter, certainly not the production and sales of Tissot watches.

does not recognize the group purchase table

Tissot store

later, reporters and Mr. Lee came to Wangfujing a Tissot store, said it wanted to watch repair. When Mr. Li opened the watch packaging, salesman frowned, when he put his watch and show the warranty card salesman, the salesman immediately rejected repair request: "sorry, this is not our Tissot watches, we are not responsible for."

salesman explained that all the authorized dealers sold Tissot watches, vendors must be stamped with the seal and the table name, either from the packaging or workmanship have problems. When Mr. Lee asked the person to do the identification, the salesman said, not Tissot tables cannot be identified, "you still take it, what if there is a problem or find the right vendors sell you table."

two list of the same

yesterday, the reporter found the same buy Tissot in group purchase network Mr. Xiao peng. He spent 888 yuan to buy a Tissot Series 6 needle quartz men’s library, that bought the watch is not genuine. Reporters found that Mr. Shaw and Mr. Lee although the purchase is different models of watches, but the two watches on the quality of the bar code card is the same.

"it’s not going to happen." Mr. Shaw said, each Swiss Tissot corresponds to a bar > only

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