Ali domain name was registered by a space curse Ali mother

recently, the name is Ali mother to fry raise a Babel of criticism of the Ali Mama advertising charge! It is spending every corner of the Internet

!According to

news reports, launched the online advertising business in Taobao tentatively, the Alibaba group today to fully enter the field of Internet advertising, launched Ali mother advertising network distribution sites, advertisers and publishers to establish communication channels


see Ali mother’s name, a lot of people will think of Alibaba, colleagues also joked that, later, there will be a sister Ali Ali sister. Mom come out to bring you a problem, it can bring to the Internet a buy domain wave? When present in the domain name registration, we will find that 4 characters were not found within the domain name registration has not been easy, in which a large number of domain name investors in the hand. Just the same as stocks, wait for the right price to sell. The domain name is closely related to business development and the trend of development of the Internet, including the linkage of the world, registered business also launched the two anniversary of the large discount to meet this wave.

when the Internet investment boom because of the impact of the bubble, into the doldrums, the domain name investment business into the winter season. Several times the Internet investment boom surging again, the domain name investment business and regain vitality. The emergence of Web2.0 so that investors feel the unlimited business opportunities of the Internet, but after a lapse of time is not long, Web2.0 fever gradually retreat.

people in the period of a new round of upsurge, and even some people put forward the concept of web3.0. But when the next round of the boom, in what way, is still unknown. Domain name business has entered another winter season. But the emergence of Ali’s mother and let investors see great hope. Perhaps Ali mother will be able to attract a new domain name investment boom. Mom come out or can give some other business opportunities in the hands of the domain name Ali webmaster, because if the domain name is Ali grandpa or the like, or will give the website brings a propaganda effect


recently in the international domain name registration price rise, a wind, whether it can accommodate many people of adverstising in spring, we are looking forward to.

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