Grass root T handsome men turned fruit brother diverted before.

"in 2011, he was a PHP siege division (network terminology, meaning, and engineers) brothers fight until midnight for Sina micro group 2 line; in 2013, he left IT, turn into a fruit shop owner……" The day before, a former colleague of a micro-blog and two "shocking" comparison of former IT male, fruit shop owner Xu Jiahong through half of the internet. The photos show, IT male period Xu Jia wearing glasses, dark complexion, and "sell fruit, glasses, white, even the hair grow out……" There are users sigh, which can be seen in the program ape more sad reminder of life, to change the handsome body is good, or sell fruit go!


IT male turned fruit brother

should be diverted to "pave the way for"

"hot topic IT male fruit has become Sina micro-blog," the initiator of evil "netizen" @ fork packets "this article posted on April 27th micro-blog was crazy turn 7000 times. Yesterday, even CCTV news micro-blog have started from a technical point of view to interpret the IT male Xu gorgeous turn".

face the user’s surprise and ridicule, the parties are quite good Xu Qing seems quite calm. In the micro-blog store large cherry concentrate on promoting their own "fire" he joked, "but I told myself, the fire is not important, the most important thing is to do a good job now".

Xu Jia said in his April 27th micro-blog, "as a programmer for five years, because of the cultivation promoted and also because of a bit of luck, finally comments on the equivalent to the rank of architect. Look at the rank above title, with tears in my eyes. So many years of desire finally realized. But your turn, exit from the heart, but I want to pursue another myself. Now I quit, selling fruit."

he suggested that before making a change, to be careful, well considered, well prepared". Xu Jia in the IT industry has been selling fruit before the resignation. Before the resignation, I have been selling fruits at the same time, while doing some sort of fruit knowledge, how to pick, pack, transport, etc.."

Xu Jia said he had a long time ago to have their own life planning, in the IT industry, he has completed his goal, want to change a new environment. Sina forum before the person in charge, Interactive Encyclopedia editor Dong Wenjun in micro-blog also confirms Xu’s argument. "The big brother is the technical core of our team, and one day, he told us that we had to leave the city and go home to start a business," he said. So the less a great and bitter siege lion, home has a smart and hearty fruit. Salute to give up again he is brave! @ micro group assistant and other product creators."

IT male fruit dream

Xu Jia always wanted to

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