Ali how to play O2O solve the closed-loop problem


On October 15-17

, the new headquarters of Xixi Park in Hangzhou Ali group held the two and a half share and conference. In the high density of information sharing day and conference, Ali wants to convey to the outside world is this year’s double eleven details, especially in the determination of O2O. This year the "double eleven", the outside world can slowly see Ali each business some ideas on O2O, can also be seen by Alibaba stake in High German map "in the" O2O war "will be in what position, what role to play.


Tmall O2O play in these two days slowly clear, and double eleven will be its first big drill.

Tmall this year’s double eleven highlights is part of the brand’s line of stores will be involved in the realization of online and offline linkage. The country will have more than 1 thousand cities and counties under the brand of the thirty thousand stores to participate in this event.

specific gameplay is that the user experience in the store after the physical product, by scanning the two-dimensional code can be purchased in the name of the brand’s flagship store Tmall. After the success of the order, the flagship store through the logistics of goods delivered to the user.

in previous years, double eleven big promotion is limited to online stores, but Tmall’s ambition is clearly more than this. Tmall hopes to attract more people to the line to the line, while making up the online shop can not actually experience the goods of the defect. The next line stores hope to be able to get through the online and offline inventory, logistics, and no longer blindly increase the number of physical stores to expand the scale. Relative to the online store, the store will expand the line at the same time will bring a huge increase in operating costs.

High German, Sina micro-blog and a Amoy location

play in Tmall O2O, Ali’s High German investment this year, Sina maps and micro-blog also played a specific role.

in May this year, Ali $294 million stake in High German map, the shareholding ratio of 28%. As a location service provider, High German position data can be combined with the service information on Ali platform to solve the most critical part of the local life service content two.


"double eleven", Gould’s role is to participate in the double eleven user annotation outlet store. Users in accordance with the guidance of the map will be able to find these shops, and then O2O shopping. Visible, location data is still the fundamental value of High German, and through cooperation with Tmall, High German can also accumulate more business data for its platform.

Sina micro-blog’s value lies in the user’s social relationship map.

in April this year, Ali $586 million stake in Sina, micro-blog stake of 18%. August, Sina launched the Sina Taobao version of micro-blog. The two sides achieve account interoperability, Taobao sellers in Sina micro-blog Taobao version of the direct release of goods, and through the background

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