Electricity supplier cross-border logistics hold live

preamble: get the logistics of the world, after the credit, payment and other issues to solve, the logistics industry has become the biggest bottleneck in the growth of electricity supplier, but the biggest bottleneck will be the biggest competitiveness. Cross border competition with traditional courier, electricity providers hold live it?

recently, STO officially announced to stop some cooperation with the domestic giant Jingdong B2C mall, although it is known as the 30 billion self built logistics Jingdong mall has become the domestic logistics system has the most powerful and can realize "limited service", but still not alone to complete all of the business distribution, so far in the two or three line of the city also need to cooperate with third party logistics company. In the industry view, the application of the "blocking" Jingdong is not only because of the cost, but the express industry on the self built logistics business enterprise silent protest. For electricity providers, self logistics is a strategic choice, but also indicates that the courier market to become the aggressor, how to compete with the traditional courier becomes a new issue of the development of the electricity supplier business.


electricity supplier keen self logistics

in recent years, the rapid development of electricity providers to promote the rapid development of traditional express logistics industry. Relevant data show that more than 90% of the electricity supplier in the product distribution are selected with the third party logistics company. Even so, the domestic logistics service compared to foreign still in the early stages of development, whether it is transportation infrastructure construction and logistics management system is lagging behind other countries, and in response to changing customer performance slow. In addition, the company’s logistics distribution service performance in manpower, warehousing, vehicles and other hardware facilities, and most of the domestic logistics enterprises are small and scattered in the development of the situation, so the actual logistics pace should keep up the growth rate of electricity providers.

in such a realistic situation, Jingdong, Amazon and other representatives of large electricity supplier companies have invested heavily in self built logistics system. Self built logistics from the perspective of e-commerce enterprises, self built logistics mainly due to the following two points:

cost center to profit center

compared to foreign logistics services, most of the domestic logistics companies are based on transport, the lack of logistics management technology, especially in the core of intelligent systems as the data management model. Electricity supplier self logistics, tend to invest heavily to deploy logistics IT system, help them to realize the sorting and convergence of business processes between the logistics distribution center and the consumer, keep relevant information goods closely related and unity between the two, thus reducing the cost of related manpower and time, improve work efficiency.

With the increase of the number of

distribution, logistics cost although synchronous linear growth, but relying on the IT system, not only solve the logistics operation mode and efficiency, but also can effectively control the labor cost, the marginal cost of logistics decreases gradually, logistics distribution will also change from cost center to profit center.


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