Taobao mall November 1st or operate independently to enable the new domain name

October 25th October 25th news, news sources, Taobao mall will be officially announced in November 1st to operate independently, advertising on TV, bus signs, subway etc.. And at the same time enable independent domain name, to replace the current two level domain name Currently, the new domain name has been pointing to the Taobao mall.

it is understood that and domain name has been assigned to the right to use all of Taobao, but domain name is currently inaccessible.

is reported that Taobao Mall (including Taobao city) transaction volume has been able to account for 7% to 8% of Taobao’s annual sales. Some industry speculation, Taobao mall independent of Taobao operations, the Taobao mall upgrade for the B2C platform from Taobao C2C, to avoid similar products in the same domain under sales allows users to create confusion, attract more brands to join. At the same time can eliminate the frequent negative effects of fakes in C2C. (end)

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