Hospital information search engine promotion methods, methods

what is the hospital network marketing? The hospital network marketing is to attract the patient as the center, in order to win the market network of hospital, around the hospital to carry out the system of cyber source comprehensive network marketing project. Hospital network marketing will need advanced mode of core technology and market network optimization operation of reasonable combination to a virtual network, will eventually be transformed into real brand market, so as to improve hospital brand, enhance the level of hospital services, and ultimately increase hospital profit.

can be said after all is the hospital network marketing for the hospital to win more benefits, this is no ground for blame, but to do this we need to do two specific aspects: 1, improve hospital network brand influence; 2, improve medical professional information related to the search engine exposure rate.

The most common way for

to enhance the brand’s influence in the hospital is to advertise in local TV and local portal sites. Personally feel that this line and the promotion of the combination of the brand, do a good job in the promotion of the brand, the hospital brand information search engine promotion is also very important. Such brand words can be: XX andrology hospital, XX best gynecological hospital, etc.. Due to the promotion of hospital brand I contact is not so many times in the past.

below I specifically talk about the hospital information search engine promotion methods, methods:

1, for the hospital to promote the team only 2-5 people apply the method, the proposed construction of the hospital 1, 2 sites, used to do the bidding, optimization and extrapolation of the.

, 1> hospital related keywords a day to have hand tracking, easy to update information, personnel and bidding promotion personnel to provide valuable words, then tracking website optimization parameters (such as: website, key chain, anti IP, PV, keywords ranking, friends of the chain, is not linked to the horse and so on);

2> hospital bidding personnel every day to see the popular words of the PPC, found that the rate of return is not high in the word to be timely feedback, and then with the words to find valuable words;

3>, the hospital website information update and website extrapolation is also very important, the best website content per person per day to update the 20+, the website extrapolated related keywords, long tail keywords 40+. The website information within the recommended original or original text + answer section for the website information update; if extrapolation recommend the purchase of a platform for the dissemination of information, so information release efficiency is high, and not worry about being deleted;

2, for the hospital to promote the team has about 5-15 people apply, it is recommended that the hospital to build 3-6 sites, part of the site to do with the auction, part of the optimization station to do, and the other part of the station to do extrapolation.

, 1> location, for the website keywords tracking can be assigned by hand, business, reference competitors website, can also be through other means mining;

2> auction site can use 1, 2 sites assigned to 1, >

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