Google’s new regulations prohibit pornography sites put AdWords ads

sina science and technology news Beijing time on July 3rd afternoon news, Google launched a new rule on Monday, to prohibit the use of the majority of pornographic websites to promote its AdWords advertising network.

Google bans a website to promote pornography or "a description of sexual behavior."". Google announced the new rules in March.

through the AdWords ad network, advertisers can Google website, as well as the third party web site advertising. Advertising is still the most important source of revenue for Google. The most recent quarter, Google’s advertising revenue was $13 billion 800 million, accounting for about 90% of total revenue.

Google spokesman declined to say how many pornographic websites now publish ads through AdWords. Why Google to carry out this adjustment, the spokesman said only that Google will regularly adjust policies. In addition to the content related to pornography, Google has long been a strict rule.

some porn industry believe that Google’s move is a sudden attack of the sex industry. AVN Media Network chairman and CEO Theo · (Theo Sapoutzis), said: I was the first one in 2002 to use AdWords advertisers. It hasn’t changed for 12 years, so you can’t expect Google to start doing so."

it’s not the first time Google has restricted its adult content on its website. In June last year, Google’s blog platform Blogger to take measures to prohibit the use of pornographic blog advertising on adult websites. Although pornographic ads will be banned by the AdWords, Google’s new rules will still allow strip clubs and adult dating sites to post ads. (Wei Jin)

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