The nternet in the future three to five years of investment in prime time

after a round of underestimation, the Internet once again favored by vcs. Baidu Technology Innovation Conference held in the investment forum, domestic venture capital company managers pointed out that the next three to five years, prime time Internet industry will usher in investment and entrepreneurship, venture capital and now is the most important content and channel of website.

most valued content and channel

IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge believes that the current Internet investment most valued content. Original content is the basic conditions for the survival of the site. IDG is most concerned about investing in the Internet, an Internet company how to combine the content and Internet technology, while ensuring the original content."


founder and managing director Deng Feng believes that the key is the channel for the king. I think the Internet business model is not so important, profit model is not the most important, it is difficult for investors to vote content. But this channel will have a lot of venture capital. Because the Internet channel is not the same as ordinary channels, the Internet channel without geographical restrictions, as long as the brand to do, you can lead the world."

Deng Feng suggested that Shanghai should learn to attract more Internet companies settled in Beijing, the formation of agglomeration effects. "The Internet in Beijing very fast development, has formed a good ecological environment, some Internet Co are produced in Beijing, such as Baidu, Sina, Sohu, Microsoft, IBM., international and outstanding Internet enterprises to further develop more excellent Internet Co, for example, happy net is from the Sohu and Sina out of the."

most optimistic about the entertainment website

Qiming, founder and chairman Kuang Ziping will be the Internet platform is divided into three categories. One is to provide entertainment on the Internet; two is to do business on the Internet; the three is to make the Internet a more convenient tool.

the current situation, the Internet as a means of entertainment, in the past few years, China’s fastest growing, but also the best performance in listed companies. For example, Tencent revenue in the first half of this year, SNS a large proportion of revenue, as well as happy net, China 51 networks, campus networks, Moore Park and other first half have achieved good economic benefits. Kwong is expected that there will be more and more venture capital companies to invest in entertainment sites.

and Qiming together invested Kaixin NLVC chairman Deng Feng also revealed that this year will continue to invest in entertainment sites.

Deng Feng also optimistic about e-commerce and video sites. He said: in e-commerce, the most promising is B2C., but this does not mean that Taobao B2C, nor Alibaba, is really from B to C site. At present, there are several companies in China to compete for the market, but also can not see who can win the war, who can not see the Internet is able to win, or do retail people can win. But this kind of Web site has just started, there are a lot of things

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