The nonprofit Web Archive take us back to the past

Archive (Internet), a non-profit website dedicated to the existence of the Internet has been the site of the establishment of digital libraries. The same business model as the offline entity library is open to researchers, historians, scholars and the public.

this is a people feel time flies Wushirenfei website. Record a lot of once glorious moment has now disappeared or has moved toward the decline of the site, but also recorded the survival of the site has been revised again and again.

website first placed a median motherboard block web search box, printed above the "time machine (Way Back Machine)", enter the URL, click "take me back to the past, the user can see the history of the web page. Try to search for Sina in 2000.



attached below today Sina home screenshots, the change is not small.


initially the Internet Archive only collection of web pages, and later it will expand the scope of the collection of video, music, text documents, IT projects, etc..

2012 in October, the Internet archive collection of about 100 million gigabytes of data. At the time, the nonprofit digital library was raising money to buy 40 million gigabytes of storage devices by the end of the year. The archives of the Internet Archive increase at an annual rate of 190 T bytes. In other words, every 5.4 months, the archive will need to add a new storage device of 10 million gigabytes.

this year, the rapid expansion of the Internet Archive, it has established a partnership with other independent archives, new software collections and document collections, such as Apple’s I manual.

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