CCTV 3.15 party was exposed this year who

CCTV 315 annual exposure of a number of illegal businesses to deceive consumers, who have been exposed this year,



source: Vision China

"hungry" discovered the sinister workshop

in recent years, more and more consumers through takeaway ordering website, can stay at home to enjoy the colorful delicacy. But, have you ever thought about ordering website faces the delicacy bright and colorful photos, a picture of a bright and clean kitchen photos, their authenticity and somewhat? Please look at the 315 reporter survey.

in order to facilitate the investigation of the interview, the reporter applied to become hungry, a distribution clerk. Soon received a call fast food distribution orders. Businesses upload photos show, store bright and spacious, clean cooking dishes rich and diverse, rules, registered address is Chaoyang District Road No. 93, Wanda Plaza, building 9 B2 layer. However, the reporter orders to take meal, but the owner of the phone under the guidance of the seven drove to Tongzhou District Yangzhuang area of a residential building before.

reporter: "I’m here, your house in the door of a few units ah? A unit is it?

unit after a while, the door opened, a man leaned out, the bag handed to reporters.

fast food operator: "do you run every day? Right now, run this one? Yes, I’ll give you a call."

address not only changed, this hidden in the residential floor of a room in the shop, and the network on the bright shop photos completely different.

This is online

hungry a company called "public Home Dishes" shop, online shops, lobbies, kitchen, dishes are also very rich, online registration address is Tongzhou District ping North Building No. 21. But the actual address of the store is the West pony manor district. And whether it is the facade, or lobby, kitchen, and the photos uploaded on the Internet is not the same, this is the same restaurant,


reporter: "what’s your name?"

Volkswagen home cooked food operators: "popular dishes."

reporter: "is this?"

Volkswagen home dish operator: "yes."

Although the

store inconspicuous, but the store is a single monthly sales of up to 1815 single network.

This is online

hungry for a cooing snack shop, online meal ordering monthly volume of up to 2532 single. Online registration address for Jinjiang District Geng Jia Xiang, but the store is in a river of Wuhou District victory village. The store upload photos, facade and lobby is spacious and bright, while businesses store facade small cramped, no lobby shop, only a 20 square meter production.

in the "hungry" is displayed on the site, the network called "eat up".

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