How small and medium-sized enterprise website should profit

      a lot of small and medium enterprises in the search engine through the network marketing will be able to learn to understand the first three words: CPM (thousand people cost), CPC (per click cost) and CPA (each action cost). Many companies naively believe that as long as the understanding of these payment methods, you can control the cost of inputs, to achieve good publicity. But that’s not the case.

      a little attention will find that recommended in the main search engine advertising delivery site, some columns is not complete, there is a dead link, some are under construction, some are pointing to sell some wax gourd gourd, according to a competitor’s site here, some are sold, there is oasis…… This website is through PPC or apply for a sponsored link row in the keyword search results page, but advertisers spent millions of dollars in advertising effect is scanty, lose everything, why? Because the enterprise website did not produce loyalty in the heart of the audience.

      how to make a website of medium and small businesses to the road to profitability? In fact, small and medium-sized site to profitability must follow the following three principles: "site planning principle, optimization principle, the principle of melting site site.

      Web site planning: the principle of building alone

      many enterprises do website, immediately choose some famous search engine PPC or sponsored links, the results for three or four months is not what effect, the reason lies in the site planning: throughout the site always architecture is not unified, to the three page structure is the same; some column content is blank, and the content of the website column of the keyword there is no relationship, especially under the company’s line of products do not highlight, when online display only a simple list, no detailed description, and it is also the site of the content on the a directory and so on. The audience feel bad website experience have led to the site in the audience very loyal, so even if the majority of the audience through the search for relevant keywords found the enterprise website will not enterprise website loyalty.

      the so-called web site planning, is to do on the website of the company to do the planning, no rules no Cheng Fangyuan". Site planning includes many contents: website, website positioning to determine the audience research, website offline industry market research, competitor analysis, online web site overall architecture planning, site analysis, site overall color collocation, determine the main column navigation website column analysis, company’s products online show, website customer service service to determine the primary and secondary advantages, the company’s products and services, and planning keyword keyword related web content, viscosity analysis and so on. Doing a >

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