Let us unite earthquake!

was 20 years old, I went to a factory, the factory has a lot of people in my hometown, but usually do not say hello, busy with their respective! But one day, I had a fight in the canteen with someone, then someone said a sentence: Chaoshanese hit. At that time, I do not remember who helped me, because they will be scattered, and quietly support!

I say this thing, is not to say what? Just want to say that we Chinese people in distress, will never bow to their own business. Perhaps a lot of people are in the sigh of human indifference, and now the eyes of the people only money, without the warmth of the poor. In fact, in twentieth Century, we are really busy, only fast can adapt to the society.

I am sorry, I saw a news in March, a foreign wizard predicted that China will happen again like the Tangshan earthquake and so on, but did not say that happened, only to say that before the Olympic games. I vaguely remember, there is a earthquake officials out of the rumor said: it is not possible! No. 5.12 earthquake! I know earlier, when I confirm the earthquake is true when I in many group forwarded the news of the earthquake, many people have asked me is true? I mean it, that we did not imagine so serious, I estimate the collapse of several houses, only a few people. Up to now, the number of thousands of people, the house is not a few, but several villages.

yesterday, I saw the video and photos, my heart is cold. I am a man, if not, I want to have a person cry, can express my sadness. Gradually see a lot of friends played compulsory work silently when to go there, publicity donations, and asked where to donate blood, the wounded blood can save more than money. At this moment, we unite! At this moment, our silence! At this moment, we have


at this moment, we don’t need to apportion blame, Seismological Bureau or the school is shabby or not, we should put people first in the first place, if afterwards, the usual suspects.

got a good news today, has not yet released, Zhuhai’s * * donation 8 million, * * * real estate donations of 10 million, there are also civil society organizations, which is the Zhuhai Red Cross to the news. Donated 60 thousand figure king, the money is not much, you can donate 1 dollars, with tens of thousands of people to donate is the same. Maybe there are more people and corporate donations and blood donation, this moment, let us unite!

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