The portal block event the stationmaster encounters decide on what path to follow

recently, due to the rectification of the whole network, but also involves the so-called largest free space providers portal. Has been in the 12-21 emergency notification user book

details see below:


portal after rectification, has moved to Henan as a whole double room, in recent days because of the reason as everyone knows, the provinces have taken in the provincial backbone network blocked 80 ports, one by one IP audit measures, the portal is located in Henan Province on Saturday December 19, 2009 started to take 80 port measures first Henan Netcom will suddenly 80 port all closed, closed to check illegal information, and then the second day Henan Telecom has also taken similar measures, the 80 port closed. In this way, the portal through all the user’s website, including portals through their own sites are completely inaccessible. Although we have taken all possible means to try to communicate, but the face of the province and the country such a unified action, our efforts have not worked, so far 80 port still failed to lift the blockade, rather, we still do not know the block will continue until what time.

in the face of this extreme situation, on the one hand, we will continue to strive for an early lifting of the blockade of the 80 port, on the other hand, we also recommend that you take the following measures:

1) FTP backup your site as soon as possible.

2) conditional lease can be considered virtual host transfer.

3) charge virtual host Tiger wing network all in Beijing, using the BGP top line, which can ensure the whole network interconnection, will not block such extreme measures. We welcome qualified users to transfer to the Tiger wing network toll service. Please log in with the staff contact site transfer."

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