The transaction channel broken last month intermediary transactions increase the second-hand 100 of

    stationmaster trade is in full swing. Do not know is reflected in the hot trading of the owners, or reflect the current sharp decline in the league’s income, the serious network polarization. There are a large number of funds to attract a large number of owners to buy traffic, some of the owners eager to sell the site, because the 10 thousand IP site, often less than $1000 in revenue, and a good job to occupy a person’s work

    last month in May through the webmaster network trading platform intermediary transactions more than 1 million. One of the biggest deals 200 thousand yuan. Even overseas Chinese from the United States and Britain are also involved in the acquisition of grassroots website. At present, the transaction is the most concentrated web site, such as fiction website, QQ website, music website.

      by the webmaster, the station opened second-hand Hardware Trading ( Gid=1), mainly for second-hand laptop, second-hand second-hand second-hand computer, server, memory, hard disk, etc.. Information required by the webmaster. Because of this type of product in the intermediary, combined with specific products, we are still lack of experience, the need for expert guidance, interested, more familiar with this transaction, please contact QQ, 470666 

        grassroots network of grassroots trade, we need more support when you need a program, when you need a web site, when you need to give up a web site, or to sell a program, do not bother to try his luck, http://s.  there may be another person waiting for your arrival.

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