Survey domain name domain name registration shady pain

this is the "computer" in 2007 thirty-seventh articles for reprint please indicate the source

if you bought a car, parked in the parking lot, to drive away, parking lot for you to ask for a variety of complex procedures to prove that this is your car, and ask you to pay for a year or several years of parking fees, and even had a variety of reasons not to let you take the car and you will feel absurd?

domain agent
because without any audit, so agents but they are uneven in quality, "custom" domain name and price rules. Large and reputable service agents can, some unscrupulous agents is full of tricks. In order to control the continuation power, firmly control the domain name transfer agents out of authority, what is more, some even secretly small agency to delete the domain name for renewal……
of course, registered in the business registration can directly get the password management. But in order to ensure the interests of agents, the price is often higher than 2 times or more. Register an international domain name, the agent price is generally 60~80 yuan, while the top registrar is 100~150 yuan. The domain name itself, there is no difference between them. Therefore, most users still choose to register at the agency.

kangaroo threshold control user
in the domain name registration website, the domain name into the most marked method and flow chart in a prominent position, but almost no one will turn out the way the website announced.

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