Alibaba sued Lai Qixing to win back the 9 domain name

(February 5th) – Alibaba recently to Asia dispute settlement center to submit an application that requires transferring the disputed domain name alibabalife, alibabafuture,, alibabaplay,,,,, to them.

is reported that Alibaba is China’s largest Internet company and the world’s second largest Internet company. The company registered the "" logo, to confuse the disputed domain name alibabalife, alibabafuture, mark, alibabaplay,,,,, and the group. 9 disputed domain name holder is the defendant Lai Qixing. Previously, the defendant Lai Qixing had the Alibaba to court for possession of the safeguard of the domain name, became the focus of attention.

query whois learned that the defendant Lai Qixing registered more than and 50 trademarks similar to the domain name Alibaba, such as,, etc.. Alibaba said that the domain name of the disputed domain name registration and Alibaba trademark similar domain name, the domain name is intended to sell to the Alibaba, in order to obtain improper business interests. In the event of unsuccessful negotiations, the defendant, in the event of a lawsuit filed with the Alibaba on the disputed domain name, deliberately interfered with the normal business of Alibaba and vilified the Alibaba. The behavior of the domain name holder has constituted a malicious registration and use of domain name dispute.

arbitration panel according to the elements of evidence submitted by the Alibaba to deal with the decision to transfer the domain name to the complainant, Alibaba successfully won the domain name dispute.

addition, Alibaba has successfully won back to the four disputed domain name,,,

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