The creation of legendary three profit for alleged infringement of copyright

3 20 year old guy

Leshan, private network server, the deep loved by the users of network game "legend" download open online banking account, make only superficial changes, to sell gold profit game player. Recently, 3 people were arrested on suspicion of copyright infringement Leshan city procuratorate. It is understood that the case is the first case of Leshan online copyright infringement case.

2003, South Korea jointly developed by the two companies, the legend of the online game authorized Shanda Shanghai Development Co., Ltd. in mainland China exclusive operation. This game was launched, many users sought after.

September 2010, Lee, Tang, Yang negotiated by Lee, Yang funded, Tang out of technology, jointly set up a legendary profit. October 2010, Lee and an electronic company in Chengdu to get a monthly price of 550 yuan per unit has rented a server of 12. Subsequently, the three secretly downloaded from the Internet Legend game program, the number of people who opened a number of legendary web site on the Internet to publish these pirated online games, and announced the bank account to recruit members. Subsequently, the three payment platform communication software and game player through the third party network, illegal sale of virtual currency of gold profit. Due to the purchase of cheap equipment, the site will soon have a registered member of the tens of thousands of people, an average of thousands of online games every day.

February 2011, the site was seized by public security organs. According to statistics, from November 2010 to February 2011, three people received a total of more than 10 million yuan in cash players around the game.

was identified, Lee and others set up a variety of procedures, and the "legend" online game official server software is no real difference, the Department of "legend". This has caused serious economic losses to Shanghai Shanda online gaming company, a serious violation of copyright.

the contractor prosecutors, "piracy" illegal Internet publishing activities, is a new type of crime, due to copyright fees, do not pay the fee into the network game, can not have too much invested even in customer service, so that "private" provider of the operation is quite low, and "piracy" shunt a lot of game player, serious damage to the interests of the game operators. The case is also a useful attempt to combat the use of illegal server of copyright infringement crime model.