Stationmaster net broadcast Robin Li was defeated by Post Bar The annual Alipay personal bills onlin

review: in recent days, the headlines is undoubtedly on Baidu’s comments triggered for hemophilia it was sold, now Baidu in dire straits. Today, Alipay launched the annual statement, buddies have the sun out of their bills, of course, is also the inevitable tucao.

1 financing after the pig network to integrate the supply chain  


a few months ago, a company called pig eight quit website with 2 billion 600 million yuan of financing attracted media attention. In the media to report, almost all the envy of the tone that the pig caught air. But Liu Chuanyu, vice president of pig network, said, and so on the tuyere, they spent 9 years.

According to

billion state power network to understand, has now become the country’s largest online e-commerce trading platform, enterprises can free brand /Logo design, website development, /APP network / shop promotion, decoration design, industrial design, the demand on its platform named name. In addition, the piece than releases, all zero commission.

for the future, Liu said she would firmly serve the entire life cycle of small and micro enterprises, and the use of existing advantages along the industry supply chain integration.


2 Ctrip to sell fake tickets? See you will understand  

come, since everyone questioned the most sound:

Do you have

Ctrip motivation ah, finally must be found, why do it? Your conclusion is not valid. "

well, the conclusion is not established, I broke the break to give you a reasonable assumption Reasonable Hypothesis".

in order to give knowledge of worrying the Navy temporary makeup, I explain here the definition of Reasonable Hypothesis is based on careful observation and effective information infrastructure, make for the object of motivation can be tested the hypothesis. In simple terms, we see a few examples, according to the operation principle behind it, do we think it might be a reasonable assumption, and observed under similar conditions, obtained the same results, so our hypothesis is reasonable, and can be tested.

3 whenever Baidu is evil, we will miss Google 

is probably the last few days Baidu sold it after a lot of people with hemophilia "psychological portrayal. However, for some of the younger population, such as 95, even after the, I am afraid that Google will be reduced to a strange Abstract vocabulary. Although at present there is no complete statistical data, it can be expected that when they cling to each other and the Internet, Google may have already defeated China. And in their eyes, our hearts are corrected