Personal application.Cn domain name lifted

domain name real name record is required to submit color bareheaded photos and other information

(reporter Chang Yan) after more than two months of waiting, corn and finally came to apply for personal.Cn domain name, the lifting of the ban". The ministry before the introduction of personal website for the new regulations, personal organizer is qualified website, website for the responsible person should submit color bareheaded photos and other information. Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of the Hubei Provincial Communications Authority, said the Ministry of industry has received a personal website for the record of the new regulations, is doing the preparatory work before the implementation.



was lifted

last December 14th, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) issued a notice: users registered ".Cn" domain required to submit a written application for individual users, and "stop" domain name registration, the registration of individual users ".Cn" domain of the door closed.

days ago, the Ministry of communications around the Management Bureau and other units issued "further implement the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record work program (Trial)" notice.


pilot program on the site sponsor has been clearly explained: "the website refers to the Internet information service providers, including two units and individuals", the Ministry also stipulated by this person may establish a website, personal website organizers will also be considered as a site for.

one stop, the biggest change is that the domain name of the real name system management, site management to create their responsibility to assume the responsibility of the original.

personal domain name real name

according to the filing process, access service units need to be collected and retained in the record site responsible for the color of full faced photo (electronic photo specifications: 800× 600 pixels). By the "center for the record production, with a mark of the curtain as background pictures, photos should display photos of time and background logo".

submitted for the record information, the communications authority will be conducted within 20 working days of the audit, qualified will be issued for the record number, access to the unit to implement the site access. At the same time, access units shall ensure that the organizer of the website information is not leaked, bear the security information submitted materials management responsibility on the site sponsor.

insiders said that the Ministry of industry and information technology in the domain name system and the source of traceability system. Do a good job in the domain name registrant (unit) backup of the real data database, not only from the source of the effective prevention and control of pornographic sites, but also conducive to the law enforcement agencies to provide evidence for the rapid detection.