Stationmaster net broadcast 58 city Ganji together Ali’s micro shop.

1 58 Ganji will merge Hao Yang Chung: who say   who sat in the driver’s seat;

after the merger drops fast, in 2015 second a drama or re staged.


58 acquisition of intensified. A number of media reports, under the pressure of investment, 58 city and Ganji or merger. Ganji and 58 city founder Yang Haoyong Yao Jinbo will serve as co founder of the new company after the merger of CEO.

March 20th, Ganji CEO Hao Yang Chung technology in an interview with Phoenix said management votes than many investors vote, "we always have a point of view, who is in charge who sat in the driver’s seat."


2 Internet plus and be able to perform wonders: truth really is the economic root?  

since 2015 NPC and CPPCC government report, "Internet plus" will become the school in the TMT area of investment, the report says Internet plus investment targets, non Internet plus at a time, bubble, stock up the monsters and freaks of all descriptions on the street, such as uncontrollable, regardless of the basic law of value.

there is no doubt that Internet plus is the trend of the market but to represent the general trend, in the face of all kinds of fanaticism, not calm, we must calm down, thinking Internet plus the truth, find the gold bubble.

planned 3 yaojinbo? 58 city pass merger will enable the domain name  

April 15th – the day before the news, 58 city and Ganji has signed a memorandum of understanding will be announced the merger, Yang Haoyong and Yao Jinbo will join together as co chief executive officer, the new company the highest valuation of up to $10 billion.

and micro-blog users broke the news, 58 city and Ganji after the merger, the new company will enable the domain name, and the domain name is currently on Yao Jinbo’s hands. If the news is true, then Yao Jinbo said that the registration of the domain name, it is expected that the two companies will merge this day?

4 from the "WeChat" trademark dispute, the small company Tencent is doomed to defeat


in this field is the word "WeChat" trademark battle, whether the judges or the court of first instance, seems to have stood on the side of the Tencent, the reason is simple: because the Tencent "WeChat" higher visibility, so a broad company not for their own Tencent and WeChat have different service won the WeChat text of the trademark registration.

a text triggered by "WeChat" trademark ownership disputes, a "small company" pushed to the fore. (see the article on the titanium media "Tencent worry:" WeChat "in the end do not follow my last name?"), which is known as "creative Asia Pacific Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd."