Don’t go astray to do different differentiated ideas and methods

there are different things to sell, there are differences in the product is likely to sell high prices, which is almost all marketing people know. Excellent differentiated products do not even have to sell, it will be sought after and hot, like fruit powder chase the new "iPhone". However, there are differences in the effectiveness of the market is not easy.


Two way


I have observed, many companies often strayed difference astray.

one is to make use of market segmentation.

uses the method of market segmentation to cut out a small market in the big market of big brand, trying to be the boss in this market. But the reality is very skinny, the reality is very cruel. As the market segmentation approach is too obviously, as long as a category, numerous enterprises stampede in, me a cut you a subdivision of an area for the king, it seems differentiation, may be the result, or the market is too small to afford enterprise, lack or differentiation of consumers do not feel, can not produce marketing momentum.

do not feel good, difference, can not take the clappers when the needle. A pile of small differences, not as a significant difference. There are companies launched three black walnut (black peanut, black sesame, black beans, walnut +) as a pure black peanut exposed sharp differences come. Silky tea, fragrant tea, milk tea, afternoon tea is such.

two is the difference.

do differences in order to reduce the homogenization of competition, but can not forget the consumer demand and consumer awareness. No people where there is no demand. To meet the needs of consumers, this is not to say that marketing work must be done on the premise of


is probably the market competition is too intense, too homogeneous products, companies make the difference for the sake of desire too strong, in the pursuit of difference when someone forgot to pay the needs of people, there is no difference to launch the product demand. Consumers need to protect the eyes of yogurt?. Crystal eye yogurt from the name of the ingredient (rich in lutein, taurine, vitamin A, zinc and other four eye protection factor) have significant differences, but ultimately failed. Instant noodles in the market of non fried instant noodles, instant noodles, instant noodles, tea drinks in the original leaf tea, as well as what kind of non liquidation of non tea 6+1, are such.

differentiation can not be different. And the positive relative to the large bottle of red cans JDB, fluttering convenient cups relative to the street shops selling tea, only nature porters farmer spring relative to the artificial water purification are significant differences, at the same time, is also the front butt consumer demand, product differentiation is excellent.

not all differentiation has market value. What is the correct and effective differentiation? The first difference is right – to meet the needs of consumers and competitors at the same time, second should be a big difference, otherwise >

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