Manage the marketing team and the ultimate marketing

1, what is management?

I think, managers cannot act as the role of the big horn, what tasks or shouted a voice inside the group said again, that other employees can complete according to what you mean to go to work, you must do this. I think management is: the arrangement of tasks, supervision and implementation, acceptance of the results of three parts. This process, if there is no supervision and acceptance, the completion time of the task and the completion of the quality is difficult to guarantee.

2, how to divide the marketing team


my marketing team is divided into extension staff and link Commissioner, of course, you can understand the editor and SEO optimization. But I have a natural reason to define me. My job is to promote the dissemination of external information, and the link is to change the link commissioner. Work is very simple. If you want to statistical marketing, I believe that everyone has more than a dozen ways. The forum message, message, blog classification round chain, e-mail group, QQ group, and introduce mass as well as micro-blog and beauty that some of SNS’s marketing, too much. If every attempt is made, it is a fool. If all of this needs to be done, how much manpower is needed. How much more can be received. 100% of the energy to do more than ten kinds of work, perhaps only 20% of the work is effective. So I only choose one of them, and then put 100% of the energy to do, I think this effect can be maximized.

3, how to promote the work of


some of the high weight of the forum, the classification of information to promote the staff to play space, this does not have to say that we all know, but I do not think it can send links. Able to send the best, can not do not reluctantly. Because my goal is to rank. Optimize the work of the staff is to make their own web site, and the promotion of staff is how to make their own information row. In fact, the relationship between the two is a competition, regardless of the row up, and ultimately benefit from their own. Relatively speaking, the promotion of personnel as long as the weight of the target site is high enough, the keyword index is not high, some words, the basic 32 days can be ranked in the top three position. Choose a lot of difficulty is not a big key to do, although the monomer flow is not a lot, but wins in the number of more effective. The effect is not questioned. When you choose the key words must look at Baidu related search and Baidu drop, there is no key words in these positions, even if the significance is not too big to do, to believe that the power of Baidu guide. Users in the search for some of the content, it is difficult to find the information you need, but Baidu is still very humane to recommend, but also close to the target content. So the user will search for the two time. At this time if your information in the top three, no doubt can greatly increase the number of their show.

4, how does the link Commissioner work?

first link Commissioner must determine the direction of marketing, keyword qualitative. General new sites I will arrange to do some index does not

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