How to do two days clinch a deal A senior guest on the interactive investment (bridge) experience

bridge interactive investment activities Platform Alliance is a new on-line promotion artifact, the biggest advantage is Tmall cross store permissions, at this point, a decision of the double 11 promotion attempt, the core members of the team decided to discuss, using interactive platform to build 11 double bridge investment venue for our own, launched 2 main venue (PC+ wireless), 20 branch field (PC+ wireless), a total of 22 venue, only 10 and 11, extension two days, it has achieved good results, as shown in figure 1




home improvement category top business, 11 in Jiezhuang venue effect after we were old thanks, specifically contact, as shown in figure 2



summary of the bridge activities, there are still some experience to share with you, I hope all of you help bridge after the promotion activities.

a, layout

Tmall double 11 main venue and each venue layout, with a team’s own marketing advantages, we set up a total of 22 events at the venue, the main venue of the 2 commodity rich category, more suitable for the introduction of flood flow, 20 branch field, single category, suitable for introduction of accurate flow.

two, communication

22 venue

set up, organize all kinds of orders, Tmall top Taobao business person in charge of the guest list, first by American QQ about a bridge registration information, a Taobao customer for 6 years, has helped many business cooperation to achieve a good promotion effect, for there is a basis for cooperation in the early business or trust among the businessmen, the first time to see after active participation, but there are a lot of businesses did not reach the bridge we set the requirements, so it is unable to sign up, and several members of the team did not report the name of the business contact list and notify the application to our Queqiao activities. From the bridge to create activities to the end of the registration only 3 days, the cooperation of all businesses have completed registration, not in front of a long-term basis for cooperation, it is difficult to. Because the focus, so professional, because of trust, so simple, in general, the communication with the business is still very smooth.

three, a win-win

plans to start activities since the creation of old bridge, the operation is to hold a win-win to sign up merchants go all the normal high commission for promotion, is not to say that a business out of a higher commission can only choose a selected, truly affordable goods to consumers, so that consumers can benefit from the seller can be directly profitable, Taobao customers can also promote a win-win situation, to make money, always believe Queqiao interactive win-win investment activities only, can go further.

four, open

From the beginning of the 08 year old

full-time Taobao customers over the past 6 years, as has been done is the accurate flow, so the main service object.

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