Net net or pocket part-time millions of dollars to cut an angel round of financing the campus market

network platform "red net net" announced today, millions of dollars to get angel round of investment strategy, the investment side of campus part-time O2O platform "pocket part-time". "Net net" in April this year has been obtained by the Bay investment led seed round of investment of millions.


net net CEO Xie Liming was also a net red, was also the founder and chairman of the public record capital, has more than 10 years of marketing planning, brand promotion and management consulting experience. Has served over Apple, BBC, Chanel, Disney, G-Star, Microsoft, Nike, Sony, Tory, Burch, such as the world’s top 500 companies or multinational companies.

Xie Liming stressed, and other network platform for the red C side of the business, "net net" is the red B2B business network. Mainly divided into two kinds, one is the packaging business owners or business representatives have character, another is to help enterprises to do the brand packaging, starting from the enterprise audience product supply chain, the purpose of these two ways are ultimately want to rely on enterprise reputation pull sales.

and "pocket part-time" krypton 36 also reported, received 20 million yuan A round of financing in May last year, investment for the Guangdong branch of China merchants. Big data analysis, to provide users with part-time positions based on the user, the longer the time, the system calculation can be more accurate position and salary range of interest to the user, and then through the news station and mobile phone SMS in the form of aggregation and pushed to users.

is currently the part-time and part-time track, cat, deer, and other areas of part-time, exploration technology and small deer reached a cooperation, the acquisition of part-time part-time cat Master last month, and the net investment net pocket part-time part-time at the station, the market of the investment, resource integration trend is especially obvious.

It is reported that the current college students’ part-time

, pocket has over 7 million 200 thousand users, covering more than 2 thousand colleges and universities, which model users up to 350 thousand, pocket the part-time job will bring huge traffic in the campus market, and service in the enterprise customer service level network bring red better future, both sides will be in the aspects of campus network "red" cooperation, including the enterprise network, red star model and so on, the layout of the campus network traffic economy.

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