10 thousand people visit my shop every day for 3 months

This is not to show off

paste, not just talk about my experience, is to enhance my shop visits, shop for three months now, every more than 10 thousand people visit my shop, more than and 300 people a day to contact me, earn a little money, the most important is the establishment of a wide circle of contacts, obtained the customer trust, here special thanks to Taobao, thanks to cool hand, thanks to all the people who support me.

articles in the commodity brand and so on, I have to use so and so, or else the forum said that I sent the ad.

shop at the beginning, I was doing propaganda, group QQ, group forum news, advertising on Taobao, eBay, pat the entire forum, more than half a month, to some traffic, but most of them are looked away, turnover almost no increase, the most serious is because I often in the forum of mass advertising, leading to these forums have closed all users and IP, Baidu and Google are even punished (are not from the search engine to find my shop), soon I was back to the original shape.

as a warning for the future. It seems now old propaganda methods do not work, we must find a new way, otherwise I would be drowned in the shop shop tide, without the light of day, especially now feel more famous shop is famous, the probability of the new shop to head is vanishingly small. How to do? Then, want to give up a bit, then all day playing online CS, depressed the sink. A want a good mouse to play CS, will use Baidu Search to see what the mouse most cattle B, the most suitable for playing CS, accidentally saw a piece of paper called "the mouse for CS I get such experience, click on the" look, rewarding, and looked at the author’s other articles on the mouse that is the author’s shopping experience, the feeling is very experienced in the mouse’s appearance, and then I saw the shopping experience of the right side of the page should have the author’s shop link, click into the original look, Taobao is also the seller, immediately contact, the last 50 dollars to buy a certain mouse, the completion of the transaction. Suddenly thought of the seller is very clever, by making the shopping experience, obtain the visitor’s trust, and visitors will see his shop site, the most important of these visitors like me, there is a clear demand for the purchase, the author and the manager is the same person, he was not only the visitor’s trust is more he visited the shop and clear and potential customer needs, if he made more shopping experience, then by Baidu or Google search keywords goods will have more chance to see these shopping experience, which means that he won the trust of customers and shop visits, customer demand for more details. Niu B, expert, I also want to use this method to try.

said he would do it. The expert is published on a website called cool off shopping experience. I made a careful analysis of the site, found here should all shopping experience (there are also some questions, then shopping) through the shopping experience can produce a number of so-called "experienced" by Baidu or Google search key commodity >

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