Pea pods a temperament and culture are very alternative startups

pea pods application distribution business was acquired by Alibaba news finally confirmed that things finally come to an end. Sina technology editor asked me if I could write an article from the internal perspective — talk about peas although I have been writing about technology column, many companies, in fact, to talk about their own once worked for the company, is not easy. Pea pod is a very special company in China, still need to write a write Peas I see, because the media and the outside world to understand it is too limited, it is better to take advantage of this opportunity to talk about the company.


this article has my own perspective, I understand the views of peas also have a more typical view from partners.

I see pea pods


in China Internet startups, pea pods is an alternative, the outside world is most likely to perceive it as an alternative place, is its brand. There are a lot of places about brand alternatives, such as:

– in a highly competitive application store or actually describe more appropriate "Android mobile phone software download station" in the industry, it is probably the only one that can rely on products to gain market recognition of the company, in fact in 2014 before it did so, the tone of the brand very recognized in a portion of the population;

– I have worked in LinkedIn China, others asked me how to work in a foreign company? I said LinkedIn localization done well, in fact, pea pods than LinkedIn to "foreign" more;

– in the financing of $120 million before the brand and the market spread by the cat and the aunt, because a lot of people love cats peas in the office or because the aunt video, and joined the pea pods.

these three words have a little joke ingredients, such as Android mobile phone software download station, saying that many peas will not accept. In fact, objectively speaking, pea pods do business, put in more than ten years ago PC era, is actually similar to Hua Jun software park role: many just use PC mice do not know what it is to download the software, download the software to use it under a pile of.

and other application software store or download station is different, pea pods have a very good name (91 assistant, Baidu mobile phone assistant), pay more attention to the design and experience, advertising less, when it is called a "wash peas in vain", claiming that "to help users to use advertising application, copycat" replace the official version of the App, the purpose of it is to help the user really wash copycat and advertising applications, while competitors launch similar products, wash is from the application of other app stores, and replacing their store version. – the version that is replaced by a store is based solely on business interests: so that other stores

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