Community network era promotion planning new weapon SNS community promotion strategy

almost overnight, happy net gongdefazi.

through the sale of friends, grab spaces like small game plug-in, happy net in just a few months, recruited a large number of white-collar users, its popularity and traffic to the same "founded based on the theory of six degrees of separation" of the campus network and other well-known large SNS site Perhaps, the result is happy network founder Cheng Binghao also did not expect. Even the Internet began to spread a word: if you do not have a happy network, then you must not keep up with the trend."

in fact, we can also use the community site for network promotion. With the success of SNS, a variety of research on the analysis of the article is that there is no emerge in an endless stream, promotion opportunities? SNS, each user is actually a node of network marketing, with the trend of the people with the SNS, users tend to choose their friends to choose goods and services. This allows SNS with the value of advertising, then the site should be how to use SNS to promote it? In the final analysis, he is a network of media, the media will always rely on the eyeball economy. Of course, there are places where the eyes of the owners to start. According to my experience, I also talk about how to promote the use of SNS website.

We need to select

objects such as you want to popularize sports, postgraduate class website. You’d better get these Xiaonei students more; if you want to promote tourism, such as cosmetics, petty is the best in happy net, copycat happy net, ant net function; network product is the first choice of 5g, China this website. The best source of non mainstream must be Some time ago the white crow in a cafe, today is the official opening, he would use his influence to engage in the 5gme an online solicitation name, the comments of the activities to attract a lot of money and time after spectators, regardless of how the operating conditions, at least the shop has not been built, Obanew has the fire up in the circle.

followed by the method, in order to avoid the suspicion of soft Wen, I have a lot of Web site address. Take a music website. I would also like to listen to music with the same hobby can communicate with me ha. I choose a SNS community is the campus network and cool music box.

first of all, I registered an account in the two sites, of course, recommend the female number, and then upload some of the photos of the beautiful woman to do the head, and see the beauty effect, but the effect of beauty is really good. I’m happy copycat net registered two is an account of himself, is a beautiful name, upload some pictures of beautiful women, basically every day someone to move me to my pet feed, take the initiative to add friends. And I have always been unknown. Few people take the initiative to the door.

registered after a good crazy to add friends, add friends beauty or very good with the school to find some music like best also can easily add cool, more simple, just add the line. Add >

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