How to effectively use online customer service consulting system

is all websites for adding online customer service consulting system? How to effectively use the online customer service consulting system to improve the website marketing effect? Such as TQ, if the enterprise sells products that can directly, so it can guide the customers with the intention of online business, very appropriate, the turnover rate will be high, but for some intermediary agents or the nature of the site if the effect is not very good, sometimes it will have the opposite effect, causing some interested customers directly online message will reduce the risk of, online consulting our company registered the company of others do not really understand, except that each member of the site has its own dedicated to answering customer service staff. At the same time or online consulting such a large increase in the total site busy without user message will cause advertising on the web Companies feel the effect is not good, this is what I have recently experienced on the site, just the beginning of the online customer consultation system distributed to our website

on each client page, for example: the client page,, when users view some information on this product, if in accordance with the normal situation, through this kind of product information, some users have the intention of acting a product when, in hesitating try to leave a free words for a contact situation, the probability of message is good, after the customer service system, but once I added a direct online consulting, business staff is busy every day, several times a day for someone in addition to formal consultation, there are some malicious, similarly, message volume is greatly reduced. So on the online customer service business negotiations must be used with a free system, the most suitable is the B2C company’s Web site. For example, directly on the Internet to buy products businesses.

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are some of A Bin’s own experience in the process of practice, if there is a better way to other friends can also be a direct QQ friends

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