Micro-blog topic marketing you really will play

in this era to mention micro-blog marketing seems to have some outdated, but effective micro-blog marketing skills are often able to bring very little marketing effect. I recently created by Meng Deming # Lioncel of unfamiliar street 6.3# fantastic magic academy adorable sweepstakes for example, just a few days activities attracted more than 100 thousand users to participate in the lottery activity exposure reached about 2800000.

how to do a good job in micro-blog topic marketing?

1, the first is to pick a potential hot topic

hot topic selection can be transplanted from the news, such as the Baidu home page will have some popular search keywords, such as micro-blog keyword is very suitable for the topic, so the emergence of new keywords news you can first take a look at this topic on micro-blog there, if not on micro-blog for the corresponding topic host. This topic will become a hot topic in micro-blog news soon.

2, followed by micro-blog familiar with the topic of the rules

The topic will not welcome micro-blog

malicious marketing, so you can do some simple ads in the topic introduction, topic, topic and topic head top micro-blog recommended, but certainly not too much. If too much, micro-blog official will recover your topic host identity, risk and may have the title of


3, the last topic is the key micro-blog


a lot of people do micro-blog topic presenters, most just playing ads in the topic page, but the page topic of active access is not high. So micro-blog is the key topic of the draw, as long as there is a sweepstakes, each participant to discuss the topic of the user will receive a notification for a draw, and if the host will pay attention to participate in sweepstakes topic (but this system has not been achieved, for example, this time there are more than 100 thousand lottery, and Yu Yue food fish Hot pot growth the number of fans only more than 1 thousand.



4, the topic of public participation is the key

either the lottery or before I maintain # woman is # armpit hair, with the participation of all citizens, only a really interesting, valuable, interesting topic will have a good communication and participation effect



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