On the promotion of independent blog

my blog has been established for more than a week, although the first blog, but also learned a lot. Some people may say that now also built a blog, you out, although micro-blog is now very good, but I think that micro-blog will never replace the blog, there is a world of difference between them. I believe that if you do not have their own independent blog, you do not have the right to speak on this point. ADO, we get.

independent blog has its unique advantages, can shape the personal brand, to create an independent image. However, we have established a blog, how should we promote it? Here is a small Wu to tell about their own experience.

QQ group promotion

early promotion is mainly the use of QQ group, exchange comment promotion. There are many independent blog online QQ group, certainly not just independent blog, began to be added a large number of this kind of QQ group, in the group with a group of friends to exchange some experience of the blog, which in group activity, after you send your blog will naturally have a group of friends to learn, to visit.

comment promotion

visits many independent blog comments, have the comments function, we can go to the famous blog, comment, we must use a blood type comments so as to attract bloggers and visitors attention, so as to achieve the purpose of your publicity. At the same time, your blog comments and comments on your blog is also helpful to increase the chain. One Why not?.

soft Wen promotion

soft Wen promotion effect can not be ignored, the essence of a soft paper can make their own propaganda effort, I remember a lot of the website is to achieve through the soft promotion effect. In order to create their own brand, in the title or article in many times to emphasize their blog name or name. This kind of article is common on A5. For example, a certain about. There are other aspects of soft notes, the author here is not much to say. The most important thing is to write their own constant effort to try to continue to write, and then wake up.

micro-blog promotion

the above described although micro-blog blog and a lot of difference, but in the publicity this mutual accommodation, so as to achieve the effect of serial propaganda. Simple understanding is the blog to promote micro-blog, micro-blog promotion blog, together to create brand effect. Now micro-blog is indeed a lot, mainly Sina micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent, the author also uses a two micro-blog, see when visiting the blog today, one blogger said their micro-blog too, thus ignoring the independent blog operation. In fact, I think this is not very comprehensive, we can spend more time to coordinate the two. With micro-blog this plugin in your blog, and micro-blog also promote the blog, with ease, two are not abandoned.

optimization promotion

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