See Admin5 with Olympic gold T floor activities

Admin5 forum has recently been very popular, and the interaction of the Admin5, there are a lot of monthly reward interactive activities. No matter from the perspective of information or the winning essay competition, get full of sound and colour. In the early days of the Olympic Games is also called for the solicitation of the Olympic Games related logo site, to provide a lot of owners to participate and learning opportunities.

since that time Chinese athletes each have a gold medal, ADMIN5 will T 50 Q, Liu Xiang won the T100 women’s basketball team won the women’s football championship, T100, T100

T100 men’s soccer championship basketball championship, T1000

this activity is also very exciting. It’s just a little late. If the T from the beginning of the building is more perfect.

from 13 to 24, the Chinese team should have 30-40 gold medals. It is also T off 2000 Q. This value is very large, if the average 2000 Q 5 Q A, 400 more time to enjoy the joy of the Olympic gold medal.

webmaster and the people of the country, are always concerned about the arrival of the Olympic gold medal, when the gold medal after struggling to get it, gave everyone confidence and motivation, Admin5 and everyone to share the joy. Every time this 50 coins, in action are so lucky. Whether you get, or not, you can feel and Q so close, and dance with the Olympic games.

Olympic news, happy to pass a message of confidence.

open posts every time in less than a minute after it was covered 35 pages, by dozens of people to keep abreast of.

and each time the T floor slogan more humane.

T building (slogan: your website is www. Don’t forget to input advertising opportunities oh) congratulations China Olympic athletes to win the gold medal

your ad opportunity to participate in your site’s Olympic blessing.

interviews with some of the webmaster friends involved, they all said that with the conditioned reflex, one to see the Olympic Games after winning the gold medal, immediately open the Admin5 to participate in the T floor with the owners to share the passion of the Olympic games.

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