nternet lottery the dilemma facing reshuffle cheating chaos will occur

lottery is a no sale, but also a very stable cash cow, just because the policy risk is too high, so the Internet lottery companies are very low-key, rarely appeared in public view. But the recent news of the acquisition of people.com.cn Aussies lottery network involved in the Internet lottery industry, this message is a people.com.cn two consecutive daily limit, from Wednesday’s 52 yuan or so now risen to 70 yuan or so, although not people.com.cn announcement confirmed that the people involved in the work but confirmed that at present people.com.cn in cooperation with Australia customers has been settled, the specific details of the cooperation did not reveal too much. This cooperation also allows the low-key low-key industry surfaced.

Of course this year,

capital news on the Internet lottery and more than that, for example, IDG Sequoia cast 5 million lottery network also wants to in the United States market during the year, intends to finance $150 million, compared with $80 million in Lanting Pavilion set of potential financing needs, which may be the United States this year, most of the IPO shares. A little bit earlier and the first video (listed company) 150 million acquisition of a Beijing Caiwang Bo and so on.

Internet lottery market in the end how much?

last year, China’s lottery sales of about 300 billion, about 60% of welfare, sports lottery accounted for about 40%, while Internet lottery sales of about $30 billion. Taobao lottery, which is about 7 billion of sales (but also Taobao after Juhuasuan is now outside the Taurus), about about 4000000000 of the Australian sales of about $5 million, sales of about 4 billion. Music color, love color, NetEase and other second echelon Internet lottery business accounted for about 10 billion of sales. SMG 258 and three tier Internet lottery sales enterprises accounted for about 4 billion. A lot of awards and four tier Internet lottery sales enterprises accounted for about 1 billion.

Internet lottery companies rely on to make money?

Internet lottery and other business, the essence is the use of the Internet (including mobile Internet) this channel to sell. But the Internet lottery with traditional electricity supplier real less than the cost of warehouse logistics at the same time, due to the particularity of the lottery, homogenization, so the main income comes from the Internet lottery lottery center rebate. This line of lottery betting is similar, betting is generally 6 to 7 points. Or we can also be understood as a large Internet lottery lottery betting station without geographical restrictions, it is because without geographical restrictions so the Internet lottery sales will be relatively concentrated, but also have bargaining power and negotiations to obtain higher rebate, the Internet lottery sales of the top three can even get 10 a little more than the sales rebate.

and the main cost of Internet lottery of enterprises is the talent cost, marketing cost, basic operating costs (hardware and administrative costs), net profit after deducting these cost space also has more than 5 points, in other words the Internet lottery is the economies of scale, scale is larger, the marginal benefit of the higher, more profitable.

to Taobao, for example, according to 5% net profit, sales volume of 7 billion, Taobao each year from the